Tommy Lee Says Recording Albums Is Pointless Now


I don't know if I'm most people. But if Motley Crue put out a new Album, I'll buy it. I might not buy it the first week, or even month it comes out. I'll wait till it gets close to $10, I think my limit is $12.

But If I like the band, I'm buying the CD. Slash, Velvet Revolver, Creed, Alter Bridge, Crue, Cult, Megadeth.... I buy them all.

However, the last CD I bought, that I really enjoyed & insist on listening to from start to finish..... The Heroin Diaries.

I think if bands get back to marketing bands, people will keep buying albums. Right now, it's too impersonal & they're just dropping albums for the money.

I've got everything BLS ever put out. & I'll continue to buy them. Bonamassa, Jonny Lang, Izzy Stradlin, Down....

But that's just me.

It's been a year since I last posted here, & I still feel the same. I've bought the last BLS, the Last Megadeth, two Bonamassa's, two Slash CDs, the last Sixx: A.M. & I even bought replacement copies of 'Hit'n the note' & 'Electric'


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It's been a year since I last posted here, & I still feel the same. I've bought the last BLS, the Last Megadeth, two Bonamassa's, two Slash CDs, the last Sixx: A.M. & I even bought replacement copies of 'Hit'n the note' & 'Electric'

idk.. i was an avid metal fan for years and years... i also have *all* the BLS albums and you know what? they all sound the same... if anyone has made a career out of writing the exact same kinds of songs over and pver again its zakk wylde... same goes for the last 5 devildriver albums i bought...

i understand the problem.. one one hand if you deviate too far from what your listeners expect then you can lose them but at the same time way too many metal acts just follow the formula... maybe the notable exception is lamb of god...


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he really does have a point. its really because of mp3 downloads and itunes. but at the same time...its what the people want
Since Internet its making a virtual more open world, you can find anything for free, i come from Bolivia you go to street you can find like all your favorite artist cds for less than 1 dollar, also if you want movies, computer programs they are all in pirated CDS or DVDS even that way people dont buy that much from them there is web pages like (Spanish WEbsite) Massive sharing WEbsite that you can find all the music you want all the albums you want, so if ther is that option people will go for the easy way and dont spend in money, i think selling music these days its the most hard thing you could do, even if you are good there is another 1000 bands or groups good as you or even better than you, so the music industry its a bit of collapsing in that way, only people who do a big invest are getting the best results and only true fans that got money to spend invest on buying a track from internet but i bet not the whole album, this is not bad this is good too becouse there will rise the competitive and new sounds will come, so there will be just some people that will progress the bands that aint that good or dont have that punch in people will just dissolve. All we can do its just to try our best, i have seem a lot too that musicians are a bit selfish and dont support each other, so they got stuck when they could support each other, open them eyes and check the true side of things, and how they can progress together, as the example mentionated of youtube if you are really good your music got that punch it can change the world people are supposed to get indentify with your music but even that its not enough anymore, some people now got a closed mind and they just get used to hear what its popular what other people like most.... lack of personality influences there its a lot of facts that why music industry its getting hard, we just need to keep rock n rolling be ourselves i dont care if i die triying but imma keep donig my music becouse i love doing it.


don't blame him but people don't buy albums because there are no talented artists out there. It all sounds the same commercial crap other than a few. Make better unique/interesting music and not just fillers and albums will sell.


Yeah I agree with most all that's been said here...Singles are the way to build your following (if you haven't one already). Building the want and need to have a physical compilation of those singles might warrant an album release. As stated b4 it's 2 easy to get the actual track you want from the net and bypass actually buying an in some ways but thats the way it is


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I still listen to albums and I really love the idea of the 'concept' album.

Last time I checked I'm pretty sure the 'continuous mix' thing (where all the songs are blended into one long track lasting hours) is still going for dance records/mix compilations too....

I do think it's a shame that bands don't think it's viable to record albums anymore. Personally I'm never interested in 'that one song' or 'one hit'. I'm into albums. I can't think of 1 band or artist that I enjoy who have resorted to only releasing singles for the time being, without an album in sight. I definitely think 'the album' is long from dead, but I may be wrong. They are still heavily promoted and marketed.

One of my fave's - the Celldweller - released his album in a series of 5 'chapters' - 2 songs at a time. The end product turned out to be 16 tracks long and blended with custom segues between the tracks. I'm surprised more artists haven't taken this 'inbetween' route, rather than thinking in 'black and white' terms of album vs singles.
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I always enjoy it when bands release an album but I wish they'd stop rushing them out. I'm getting sick of poor quality albums just because the record label needs to make cash.