Tips and feedback for a newbie please

Hello everyone I am sorta of new with DJing and I will not even consider myself as a DJ or mixer yet. I am currently only using software for mixing and it is VirtualDJ. I have no hardware since I am just doing this mainly for fun and I currently do not have the money to spend on any hardware except for good headphones, sorta good speakers and a laptop. I am attempting to get better at mixing everyday when i have time(currently everyday after school haha) I was just wondering if you guys will listen to my three mixes on my soundcloud that I am still working on trying to mix it better. One mix is hardstyle the other is just a mix of songs i thought sounded well and the last is hip hop/rap. So far of all my friends and people at school that have listened like my mixes but I know I still have a lot to do so please leave some tips and feedback.

soundcloud . com/green-buddha (no spaces)

Any tips and feedback is appreciated.Thank you very much.