Thoughts and advice on live recording on location


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Hi all, I am currently working on a documentary project which intails live performances of musical artists. For one of the shoots we are recording outside in a forrest. One aesthetic theme of the performances is an absence of microphones in the shot.

I have a few ideas, but I am keen to hear other peoples thoughts on possible techniques for doing this - it will be an acoustic instrument with vocal - the setup I have in mind atm is this: Sanken cos-11d or similar (again, suggestions really welcome) Lav radio mic for voice, a radio contact mic (prob an AKG 411, or any other suggestions..?) for the acoustic instrument and a Sennheiser 416 with blimp for overall coverage.

Any thoughts and other ideas for getting the best possible sound in this scenario would be really appreciated.

Here is a link to the project so far for anyone who wants to have a look...

Many thanks and looking forward to your comments!!