Thinking about an ASR-X PRO or SU-700


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Perhaps someone out there can help w/ this choice. I'm considering buying either an SU-700 (standard set up) or the ASR-X PRO (32mg/Urban Dance card/ X-8 board). My musical goals are in the Hip-Hop and House genres. I have a DJ set up and a QS6, planing on getting Cubase VST..not to mention access to other stuff on occassion. So if you can afford the time hit me back with your comments on this future purchase and how usable they may be for me. peace!


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The ASR-X PRO is a good choice. Very stable and versatile. Especially for doing the kind of music.

Though.. if you are planning on using Cubase to control all your stuff, you might consider to buy a proper sampler (Any EMU or AKAI would do).

Good luck

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To: Taos
Thanks for the info, I might just follow up on that. I've heard some other good things about the ASR. By the way I you happen to know how good are the Vestax/ISP turntablist videos, especially from an instructional stand point.


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If you get the ASR, please let us know how good it is.. maybe post a MP3 on the board. thanks


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well mate, Im new to all this hardware stuff...

I have played with nearly every music package on the pc, but wanted a more hands on thing I could play with on the sofa !!

I just bought a su700 (£560 from and I LOVE it, I'll admit I have nothing to compare it to, but its very capable, a joy to use, has loads of functions, and effects, and a polophoney(spelling ?) of 64 notes !

its more fun then I have had (legally) before :-)

I cant definitly recommend one, although it does need the memory upgrade and a scsi controller for serious work, as the floppy drive is rather limited !