The Power Of Music

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Many people have different opinions about Music and it's effect, some view music as what they use to pass time, to some it a Sound they listen to when every they are bored, some listen to music when they are sad and while to other it has become their source of income. Over the years I’ve asked myself why I love music a lot and has made it a pivotal part of my living, but I have never been able to come up with a definite reason why I can't do without it, it is not an obsession but I has become my way of life, something like a culture.
I want to share my belief and what I have been able to see, hear and experience as a music lover from childhood.

According to Billy Joel, he said ‘Music is an explosive expression of humanity. It’s something we are all touched by no matter what culture we are from, everyone loves music.” I agree with his taught but I still felt something important was left out of Billy Joel’s words, I feel music is seed of life that is being passed across from people to people depending on the state of mind or what they want to be exposed to, no matter the passage barrier.

Why do I view music as a seed of life?

Growing up in a community where adult view to music (non gospel) is that music are for the jobless, the rascals and people with bad backgrounds, I had no access to music mp3s and other music gadgets, I listened to music on the radio at night while everyone were fast asleep. I listened to Bonnie Tyler, Westlife and also some music programs (At night). I listened to people talk about how they have gained hope by listening to music and how it has completely changed their lives. Back then I developed this feeling that music give life to people.
Then I attend church services and saw how people cried only during praise and worship. I asked myself that what immerse power was behind music that made them to cry. I felt according to the teachings that it was the Holy Spirit in them or moving amidst them that brought their great reaction, so great that it could make grown up men cry. I am not trying to claim that the belief back then was right or wrong.

A few years later, I saw a video, a video of people at a live concert, crying as they listen to the song or late King of Hip Pop, Michael Jackson. Now these people cried while listening to hip pop. I discovered that they cried not because of the tune or cause they saw Michael Jackson, some fan cried even why the listened to the song on their radio, they cried because the music passed a message across to them, I view that the messaged passed was beyond lyrics, the message passed by the song was a seed of life, yielding change in emotions, belief, view and bring people to the awareness at things they have neglected.
Now, looking at the power of music, I view it as the power contained in the seed of life passed across from people to people bringing about the explosive expression and emotions.
Making people cry and feel sudden emotional change are not all that their seed the life passed across by music holds , the power have been harnessed and used in the health industry. Below are the notable advantage that music brings to the health industry.

Reducing pain and anxiety
Reggae genius and legend, Bob Marley once sang: “ one good thing about music, when it hits you feel no pain”
In 2015, MNT reported on a study led by Brunel University in the UK that suggested music may reduce pain and anxiety for patients who have undergo surgery.
By analyzing 72 randomized controlled trials involving more than 7,000 patients who received surgery, researchers who were played music after their procedure reported feeling less pain and anxiety than those who did not listen to music, and they were also less likely to need pain medication.
According, MNT. study leads DR. Catherine Meads said
“If music was a drug. It would be marketable.[ ] music is a non invasive, safe, cheap intervention that should be available to everyone undergoing surgery”

Improve learning and memory
Student are fund of playing music cause it helps them memorize what they are reading and can easily remember when the information they memorized is required back. Some students put the words in abbreviation in music and it helps them in studies.
Some certain song have the ability to remind us of certain periods or events in our lives, some cam make us sad while some can make us happy.

Help recover brain injury and treat seizures.
Research is indicating that music can help aid recovery from brain injury such as that from stroke.
Music does not just exhibit it power in the medical industry alone. Many people have made music a profession and are now billionaires. There are different sites such as Softreloaded, that promote music and music artist.

Many other people listen to music and helps them to get music done on time, you can do house chores while listening to music.

Some inventors . their ideals and scientific breakthrough to music, according to research music makes you calm and you think about issues in a more technical and deep manner, they can help you make decision base on your genuine feelings.
My people find it easily to express their genuine intentions and mindset via music & couples or lovers can sit down. Listen to music and thrash out any quarrel or confit or taught that they have been bearing or nurturing in their heart as a result helping to strengthen or build good relationship.
Base on research, music bloggers who post must as a source of income. It is a very common niche and when incorporated with google AdSense, the blogger can earn a lot of money.

The power of music can be felt by many people all over the world, although we all have different genre and mindset toward music but it is an undeniable fact the in all our lives the effect of music is enormous and in most time are the same.
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