THE ONE releases "THE ONE: Supersaw Antidotes" - 50 Serum supersaws

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What you have been waiting for is finally here - a collection of intensive Supersaw patches for Serum!

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THE ONE: Supersaw Antidotes [The One] :: Beatport Sounds

THE ONE: Supersaw Antidotes comes with 50 handcrafted supersaw Serum presets for your electronic music production, as well as custom Serum wavetables and waveforms, MIDI, and Wav loops.
This soundkit is a must have, as supersaws are such important elements in todays electronic music. With this package you'll instantly take your music to the next level, with these high standard sounds.

All presets feature powerful synthesis techniques, and have been crafted to use Serum at it's full potential to deliver sounds at top of the notch quality.
This involves innovative usage of the FX rack, full usage of the 4 Macro controls and the Mod Wheel, as well as custom wavetables and custom waveforms to give the sound a rich character.
With the perfectly assigned 4 Macro controls in this package you'll be able to easily have a good overview of your sound and be able to quickly adjust it to suit your song project, as each Macro control is on point.

As a lot of the presets comes with custom wavetables and waveforms, the supersaw patches will have a unique sound to them - precisely what you need to cut through the masses in the music industry.
Not only do they have a unique sound to them, they have also been crafted to sound as intensive, wide, fat and full as possible, and contain good transients.
And let's not forget the strong usage of Velocity linking, to make the sounds behave as natural as possible.
The creator of these presets, Steve Hilo, have made hundreds of supersaw patches in the past, and knows how a supersaw needs to be made to be as useful as possible in music production.

Have a look at the MP3 demo song showcasing a large number of these sounds, and you'll hear the large spectrum of characteristics this presetpack covers.

Full specifications:
- 50 Serum supersaw presets
- 10 dark supersaws
- 10 sustained supersaws
- 10 supersaw leads
- 10 stabby supersaws
- 5 arps
- 5 sequenced supersaws
- 47 Custom Serum wavetables and waveforms
- 33 Wav loops from the MP3 demo
- 26 MIDI loops from the MP3 demo