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THE ONE proudly gives you THE ONE: Skrillex Growls [FREE], coming with 50 bass loops + texttutorial.

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Also available on Synthmob, Sampleism, Roqstar, and many more.

The loops consists of growl sounds that involves some of the most advanced sounddesigns out there, techniques that few people know about.

The legendary producer Skrillex, whose sounds has blown the minds all over the world, still troubles many artists today as they struggle yet can't achieve his signature growl sound.
They may succeed in creating a haunting and dirty growl sound, but they never reach the solid, dense and clean sound that Skrillex has successfully developed.

In this loopbank we do not only give you 50 successfully crafted Skrillex growlloops completely off charge, but we also include a PDF tutorial showing you the sounddesign technique to achieve your own Skrillex growl sounds.
If you learn this high professional level of sounddesign, you can give your tracks the edge!

All sounds are 100 % royalty free and contain the finest audio quality - 24-bit/96kHz, and we offer both a .wav-version and a .aiff-version of the product.
For those who seek lower a samplerate we do also offer a 24-bit/44.1kHz .wav-version.

Check out the demo and hear how balanced and professional the growls sound. This demo song really showcases how great potential these loops have in your productions.

Full specification:
- 20 bass loops at 1 bar-length, 140 BPM
- 30 bass loops at 1/2 bar-length, 140 BPM
- Sounddesign tutorial + extra Massive preset for the tutorial
- The demo track as an MP3

Grab your copy now - it's free!