The Chocobo Song and Prelude (both Final Fantasy) merged

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I couldn't imagine how difficult it was to intertwine, both of those melodies to correlate. Good shit bro, im a huge FF fan!

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Very nice! I'm a big fan of the FF series too. There are a lot of themes from FF3 (or 6 if you prefer to call it that) that can match up with each other as well (Locke and Celes, for example). I used to play through them on piano, but never thought about recording a mashup like this. GJ.
Thank you both for your kind words! Intertwining these melodies basically comes down to adjusting certain notes of the most dissonant melody so they fit into a different harmony. It's important to know which harmonic scheme (you have to pick one of the two) is most suited, but in my case it was rather easy to figure out. I chose to fit both themes into the structure of the chocobo song (rather than that of the prelude).
themes from FF3
You just gave me a good idea....:)
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