The Caged Bird's Ballad (soulful rap joint) F4F


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The average joe can identify with these plights.
I know why the caged bird croons so soulfully before going the fuck in. Bra-fuckin-vo. Everything about this track is next level. How can one get this good? The Mix, The Instrumental, The Lyrics... everything adds to the soulful aspects of this sonic medley. Wow!


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Digging the familiar piano right from the jump. Guitar sounds great as well. Thanks for not auto tuning the hell out of the chorus. Verses sound dope man, this is dope.
Only thing I could possibly say could be changed is to add some reverb to the very dry chorus vocal. Rest of the track is super atmospheric, so it's sort of jarring to hear such a dead room tone. Great track otherwise.

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DROG Beats

DROG Beats
I wasn't expecting the drop!!
The mixing is really good too but the vocals are maybe 1.5db too loud as the beat is quieter in the overall mix.
Other than that the song is amazing, keep it up! :D