The Best Sampling Program!!!!

what is the best piano for playing?

but yeah i would probably go with Acid, u need something that U like though cos its all down to personal preference, get a few demos and see what suits u best before you buy.....


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Soundforge to extract parts from sample, EQ, and compress/normalize

Recycle to chop

Kontact to play out samples within your DAW (except if you use reason) then you can play chops with the REX, which I think is wack but yeah.
DjJaeCola said:
when i put the samples into fruity loops, it just plays over itself. how do i stop that?????

its cause the sample is longer than the bar you are trying to fit it to. either play it at the tempo the sample is, cut it so that it fits. or stop using fruityloops to sample. If i were u i would take that last piece of advice


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Remo Da Produca said:
I dont care what anybody says, cool edit is the best to start off with
have you ever used anything besides cool edit? For editing and chops Cool Edit gets the job done but is it the best? Thats questionable. I wouldnt even call it the best at what it does and I use Cool Edit.

Remo Da Produca

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I didnt say it was the best,i said its the best to start off wit.And i only used adobe besides cool edit and i didnt like it.I havent used soundforge so i dont know which one is the best.