The "Best" 61 Keyboard Midi-Controller on the Market?

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again... to inform member of my hands on experiences... you would be surpised how many private message i get on gear, computers and software... by the way... yes... i am proud of my gear... it is top of the line... what do you have in your studio?

i still have a question for you...

you claimed you learn division before substraction... how did you do long division? i have answered every question you have asked... why not answer this one...

Well that's a simple answer -- I didn't do long division at the time I learned division.

Here's a timeline to make it simpler to comprehend:

Division --> Subtraction --> Long Division

Although I gotta say, my school didn't put much emphasis on long division. We spent maybe one day on it, total. The teachers believed (correctly, I might add) that electronic calculators would end up doing most of that for us.

We learned to use calculators for menial tasks and focused on the theory behind mathematical concepts rather than calculating mathematical results.

Have you been eagerly awaiting an answer to that question so that you can accept that I'm not some looney person spewing total BS?

again... to inform member of my hands on experiences... you would be surpised how many private message i get on gear, computers and software... by the way... yes... i am proud of my gear... it is top of the line... what do you have in your studio?

I believe that you're deceiving yourself and trying to deceive me. Your gear is up so you can show off. It may accomplish other tasks by being up, but those tasks are not the motivators that made you decide to type a list of all of the cool things you thought you had. I don't care that you're showing off, but you might learn a lesson from your own actions by coming to terms with your motivators. You might learn to be less abrasive in your attacks, realizing that others are trying to defend their pride and boost their egos in the exact same sense that you are.
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it sounds like you are hating... are you on a budget cant afford a i7 machine... you are making a big deal out of nothing... you could go to any music store and purchase the same things..

yes, that is $1900 in controllers... and that is not counting my old sh!t... what is the problem... you cant afford a oxygen 88, axiom pro 61, apc40/20... your $50 beats you are selling and/or leasing on your myspace page are not returning any investment... that is not my fault... that is your faults... when you look at the kontakt powered libraries... i have electri6ty, chri hein horns I & II, garritan personal orch, garritan jazz and big bands, vi one... besides the east/west composers bundle... i have east/west silk and minster of rock... reason 5... ik multimedia bundle (sonic synth, sampletank, samplemoog, philharmonik)... yes... i own tons of sh!t... brought all with music proceeds... dont hate... try stepping your own game up...

I think you're forgetting why I brought up your gear list in the first place. You had attempted to call someone out for wanting to show off (or saying that you hate showoffs, or something of that nature). My motivation was simply in pointing out the hypocrisy in that statement. Is it so hard to accept your own hypocrisy?
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my point you missed... is that i know how to utilitize those devices... no interuptions in workflow... still was able to focus only on the "actual" music... plus... if you go back and read my post... i wrote... "when someone sez... they wish they could use the launch pad for cubase... leads to one believing he/she does not know what they are doing... the launch pad is for launching clips... and cubase does not have clips"... basically... i know how to utilitize what i own...

oxygen 88 - only for practicing my keyboard skills...
apc40/20 - for ableton live
axiom pro 61 - keys only for ableton live and keys and control surface for cubase...
mpd 24 - only use the pad and no control functions...

what do you own?

p.s. i find this funny ... Is it so hard to accept your own hypocrisy?... this is coming from someone who said they learned division before subtraction... funny!!!

More ego-tripping. This is getting boring. I'm disappointed that I've let the conversation turn to this.


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You can use launchpad for CuBase, Reason or Ableton, beyond just using clips, you can control plugins.

Apparently your beyond anything I am doing, since you have enough money to get all those products. So maybe your on the wrong the forums, cause this is for "Future" producers.

If I thought you were lying I would assume you spent a lot of time on PirateBay getting every piece of software you could find. But for all I know, you are, cause at least I know Salem is for real, from proof.

Salem Beats

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there is a very thin line between having an ego and confidents... there are some who get them confused... i have confidents in who i am and what i am capable of doing... no ego here... the best is yet to be born... i am sorry you let the conversation turn to this to...

but... here is a quote from another forum member toward you..

i just happen to agree... you are trying very hard to sound clever... i.e. the division/substaction thing...

so to conclude... i am ego tripping and you are trying to sound clever...

lets leave it at that... but if you want to have the last word... it is all yours... time to makes some money/music... but not at $50 a beat.... i will leave that to you!!!

Just leave the thread. You're not contributing anything useful, and I made the mistake of indulging your conversation.