The Beat Selling Bible: Top 21 Ways To Sell Beats Online Like a Pro


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This was amazing content that I will be able to implement into my daily process’. I have a few people I would like to share this I formation with that I feel will also be able to grow with such information as producers. It’s hard sometimes to stick to the original flare when the game is oversaturated with clones and overall un original flavor. When I create beats, I enjoy creating my own samples. I feel this is what can set me apart from the competition.


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thanks for the info! regarding the beat stores you mentioned "RocBattle,Soundclick, MyFlashStore" which have the most traction/users? besides these are there other stores that have more traction?

right now I'm using BeatStars and am planning to drop some marketing dollars once I have 10 good beats ready, if there's a store with more traction than BeatStars I'd rather spend it there.


Thanks for the useful insight, a lot of things many of us heard already but it is nonetheless super important to hear these things over and over again until it's in our system :D


Just curious, is anyone really making money selling beats online? I feel like it's way too over-saturated. I've had more success thinking outside the box and just making connections with artists.

If you have made success like at-least $500/month consistently please let me know what you're doing!