The Beat Selling Bible: Top 21 Ways To Sell Beats Online Like a Pro


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The number one thing producers must do to have a profitable beat selling business is, make good music.That's why producers like Superstar O are making good money: their music is nice.


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Good stuff!. Definitely spot on about who you know instead of what you know, even though what you know is important, that could always be taught by the person you know.. I never heard about Autoresponder until now, but I'll look into it some more. Appreciate the time taken and the post. Keep em coming.


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Awesome tips! I've been making music for some time, and just started getting to where I'd be comfortable selling my product! Thanks for the starting tips!


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Very helpful and informational post...Im more of an artist than producer but ive always played the key board and made simple beats. This information can go for the artist and producer so overall very valuable


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Great article yo!
that is so true a lot of producers try to use the tail of another producers hype to gain traffic, but they get stuck on that and get left behind because they forget that music trends change faster than your girl changes clothes :P
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