Tech Deck Beat ; SkateBoard P Remix .. prod. Chef Goyar-D

whats good g's!!

technically my first beat making vid I've EVER uploaded online.. gonna continue to make more and hopefully get better haha
recorded some sounds made from hitting a tech deck against various things, chopped and trimmed em up, and this is the outcome lmao

free download to the track on my site: Chef Goyar-D's Beat Kitchen
some honest feedback would be truly appreciated ! thanks homies!! MUCH LOVE
Bro I'm loving the effort for original samples, it's refreshing to see. The beat itself does get a little repetitive but it works, especially if it was chucked into a set or mix. U did well , keep it up.



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Smooth mix man. Also agree with what's stated above! Always nice to see creativity in people. Good job on this one