Tech Deck Beat ; SkateBoard P Remix .. prod. Chef Goyar-D

whats good g's!!

technically my first beat making vid I've EVER uploaded online.. gonna continue to make more and hopefully get better haha
recorded some sounds made from hitting a tech deck against various things, chopped and trimmed em up, and this is the outcome lmao

free download to the track on my site: Chef Goyar-D's Beat Kitchen
some honest feedback would be truly appreciated ! thanks homies!! MUCH LOVE
Bro I'm loving the effort for original samples, it's refreshing to see. The beat itself does get a little repetitive but it works, especially if it was chucked into a set or mix. U did well , keep it up.



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Smooth mix man. Also agree with what's stated above! Always nice to see creativity in people. Good job on this one


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I’m 21 and just started skateboarding again. Does anyone know about any cool skate spots that really no one goes to that are kinda hidden away? My insecure ass does not want to be out at the skatepark trying to learn rn best electric skateboard under $300. ( I can’t even Ollie) barely can ride.