Tay Keith's beats are ALL the same

Gabriele Cimino

New member
Have you noticed that hip hop producer Tay Keith keeps using the same kick-snare-hi hat pattern in ALL of his recent productions? It all started with BlocBoy JB and Drake's "Look Alive" (and I have to admit that I really liked the energy he delivered through such a simple pattern), but then Drake's "Nonstop" came out, and then again Travis Scott and Drake's "SICKO MODE", which all feature the same scheme.
I personally think all of this is trash, how could not ordinary people not notice this shit? And most of all, can't rappers realize that they're being given the same beat again and again to rap on?
Yeah bro that the music industry when people like a sound they overuse it. Lol all murda beatz beats sounds the same, all metro's beats sound the same. Thats just how it is lmao