T.I. - What You Know sample found


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the sample is believed to be a playback of Jimi Hendrix's "Hey Joe". u gotta listen ja lyk close to it tho cuz its kinda hard to make it out behind all the other instruments, same is for the actual T.I. song.

if it turns out to be sumthin else i woudnt be surprised cuz im kinda skeptic on it but w/e. this is it for now lol


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i think that is the sample, i just listened to the jimmi hendrix sample and then the ti instrumental and the baselines are the same


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Self Made got it right. Does anyone buy CD's anymore? It says it right in the damn booklet, - "Contains interpolations from "Gone Away" (Donnie Hathaway, Curtis Mayfield and Leroy Hutson"

No need to try and guess around at it.