Synthpop - Oldschool, where to start?


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Hi there everyone,

Im new here and this is my first post, so im kind of lost with this tons of information.

Im an amateur music composer/producer and usually i make songs for hobby, to learn, practice composition techniques and have some fun.

I usually compose using oldschool synthpop style (like the 80s synthpop like erasure, depeche mode, etc).

I know that is a long dead style and very few ppl now use this kind of style so im looking for help here to know if there is some place, site, forum where i could exchange experiences, feedback and make collaborations with ppl with the same taste or tendency.

I host my songs on soundcloud (on /savoid sorry could not put a link here, my 1st post): and im still learning how to put all things together and get a good final quality (eq, mastering - this forum have been a great help for me in this topic).

So, in the end, if someone could help me in this regard, where should i go to find ppl composing in this style, i would be very happy!! :angel:

Thank you very much

(if my writing is not 100%, sorry about that, ima portuguese speaker :)))



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Oldschool synthpop is pretty awesome! I checked out some of your music on soundcloud, and it all sounds great! On My Own in particular is rad.

I'm afraid I don't know where you could go to talk to and collaborate with people of a similar style, but I have an interest in that style! I don't create music in any sort of style- I mainly focus on the electronic aspect of it, but if you're interested in checking out some of my music and/or maybe considering a collaboration with a fellow amateur producer, definitely hit me up! :D

You can find my music on soundcloud under romsii_music. I suggest checking out Pawshift! I believe that song might interest you if not a little bit!