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Nicely put my friend, I am new to this website, but I have been messing around with DAWs for a couple of years now, I had no idea about the release and the attack differences could be heard. I was like yeah, yeah, this is true, WHAT!?! I was looking to learn something so i'm glad to have done. Thank you dude when I reach 5 posts, can I post my promo for my E.P here? and about that can I start a new thread to advertise my first ep? or is there some unwritten forum code?

EDIT!!! I mean on a compressor, obviously can be heard on a vsti or instrument. I'm guessing now they work in the same or simular way? or is the QI alarm ringing very loudly? I'm going to shut up and do some research on compressors....
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Yeah I realized how deep mixing and mastering is when i read a book on studio/sound engineering. Oh my i didn't imagine it could be SO technical.

The mixing is one thing. But then there's a whole world of engineering to do with the acoustic SET UP. Like the shape of the room, and the length of the room. Wall material, and the angle of all objects in the room and what their material is. And then how to put the acoustic foam in the room, and WHERE to put it, and at which ANGLE, and how it affects the sound output from the monitors and the different FREQUENCIES of sound. Man its mind blowing stuff. No wonder it takes a lifetime to master.
There are more than a million ways & decisions to make when equalizing your song. The secret is in the hands of experienced & professional judgement. Don't make mistakes on your own songs. If you really care about how you sound, let a professional handle it. It will takes years of experience to know how mastering is done the right way.
Your website has many grammatical errors including inconsistencies in the table structures of certain web pages. You should have "let a professional handle it." On a good note, your website logo reminded me to order more checks from Bank of America.