sup im new and i have some question


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i love to mix muzic wit the virtual dj toy but i want to move on to tha real thing.
first i want to get a board and i dont know how much it is like a beginner one does anyone have any information????????

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Actually it has not been a month, your post is dated from the 18th :)

Many people are reading the board without posting so that's why you may not have received any answer yet.

When you mean a board you mean a mixing table right? I think you could buy any cheap one to start, as you won't spend to much money and will be able to approach a more "real" mixing. For the beginning you can plug a CD player and a discman together (assuming you own such devices) in order to feel two ssounds mixing together, touching the Equalization etc.. Of course you'll belimited by the original speed of the music and won't be able to affect the BPM, but at least you'll fell it a bit more.

Then you can choose to mix CDs or Vinyls, depending on your feelings. DOn't hesitate topost more questions and thoughts on this board. take care!


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Good Decks, heres mine....

Personally I've just moved to directs, and bought two Soundlab DLP32-S, nice silver blue ones with blue strobe lights, really good for a nice price (two 32-S = 1 1200mk2!). Obviously I'll eventually go for the 1200's but only when I gets the cash.....

Haven't really looked into Pro-CD's yet, waiting to see if they come down in price a bit, but then I prefer Vinyl 'cos you get more choice for choons, as most new cuts (And White Labels) Will only be available in this format.

Laterz, Ne0n.


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True about the labels. What you need for mixing will always come on vinyl. I mean. When you've grovn used to it, you can almost see where the first drumbeat begins.

Also, If you want to remix, I'd recommend a Yamaha RM1X or one of the roland GrooveBox- series together with the turntables.

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wow, I'm getting old...

It blows my mind to hear dj's discussing using CD's.....
I mean, I know it's been happenning for a while, but not in the underground..... I guess everything changes in time, but personally, a dj spinning anything but vinyl will never be REAL to me, at least not in the way I think of REAL...
...if you can't touch it, is it real?

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I'd agree to some point with starting with the mixer. Buy an average Mixer, one thats not great but does what you want, and use CD's or something to run through it so you know how to adjust/tweak, etc and once you feel comfortable on what the mixer can do buy a pair of Technic 1200MKII's... they are pretty much the DJ standard. I just started DJing and I picked up a basic Numark DM-1285 mixer and a pair of Technic 1200MKII's..

Your first bet is like they said familiarize yourself with the mixer and then buy the tables, but if your serious about DJ'ing then I'd save up for the good tables over the cheapies.

Dave K
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