Studio questions ty


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I’m building a studio over the next year. I have two questions. One being are there a lot of high quality sounds on the top quality daws or should I get a keyboard with built in sounds like a korg Kronos? Does it even matter much a Kronos is expensive but if I could just buy a keyboard controller to work with the sounds in the daw is this what the vast majority of top producers do? My other question is anything in general that I should know even if it’s just a little tidbit of knowledge to keep in mind. Tyvm


get you a keyboard controller, you can get those korg keyboards in VST's . I have the Triton, Prophecy, M1, Mono/Poly, and Kontakt Libraries for The Trinity And Kronos


If you're just starting out DON'T buy anything expensive yet, get some expierience first with free ones and see if it's what you wanna do. Even if you used most expensive, plugins and gear your first beats WILL NOT sound good