Studio Monitors and mixing result


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I think that choosing the right studio monitors, is the most important thing i need to have to be able to get a really good mix. Obviously being good at mixing, plays its part but being able to listen at the song soo clear trough the speakers it's a privilege!
Do you guys think the same as me??
Do/did you choose carefully your monitors?
Which one u use?

cheers everyone.
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There are few pieces of gear that really improve with price like monitors do. However even more important than monitors is room treatment and speaker placement. It doesn't matter how good the monitors are.. if you have a bunch of peaks and nulls at the listening position because of an untreated room, there's nothing a good monitor will help with.


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I basically work quiet with my monitors eq shaped to compensate frequencies not heard without loudness. This way I can work at very nice/few levels without problems, so fatigue is something I don't know and normally can bring the result in a couple of hours. Buuuuuut... I always say, it's a trick I did that worked for my pair of monitors, saying that never do this with proper analyzing the entire thing and if do at your own risk, in case I'm using Edifier R1280Db monitors and could hear more than the specs say: like 55 is the specs thing, I heard 48. Great monitors... some acoustics about treatment and checking with consagrated mixes I trust from different styles I shaped a form to work. Basically all is genuine and great. One tip is: monitors + headphones, always, but 80% monitors and use headphones not directly so much. Also in low-level the headphones too to filter possible problems about annoying ranges.

Again: About my trick, don't do it, because I did and worked for me, but if one day wish to try at your own risk.