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Artist Name: T.O.N.E-z & Stir Crazy
Album Title: Heroes
Release Date: August, 2009
Record Label: E-Z $ Records

As the thunder clashes and the lightning exposes the clouded, stormy night pandemonium rang out through the streets of the underground the signal is ignited and thrown in the sky. Intended for a specific duo of dynamics, it had been a long time coming, but the “Heroes” The Bronx Bomber and The Detroit Ninja aka T.O.N.E-Z and Stir Crazy had finally arrived to save the day from the whackness being broken down and propelled back to the masses.

Here to rid the underground of the evil doers of music, who aren’t doing nothing for themselves to establish their name in the game so they hate, T dot has come back from hiatus stashed away in “Happyland” he’s hopped behind the mic to deliver a lyrical blow that no enemy could withstand. Expanding his powers and stretching his skills he attacks with vicious blows to the evil squad of H.A.T.E and converting them to “Ride with me”. Finally capturing their ‘Mind’s Eye’ he was able to control his enemies like he was their ‘Puppet Master’. Doing his part to keep the underground safe from bad music, Tone just dives into every situation on the album from fake friends, the evil E-thugs constantly hating, and the current status of the land he’s trying to save with every album.

Just when the battle seems it’s overturn and The Bronx Bomber calls out the magic words and puts it down ‘4 my homies’ on the underground lending their hand to help in the constant battle that seems to be ongoing, never-ending event.

All that aside though, this album is a release that T.O.N.E-z couldn’t resist dropping because Stir Crazy sent the hotness in the beats and Tone just let it ride dropping the magic he laces the tracks with, with ease. One track that I enjoyed the most on it is ‘Spit the Truth’ because, to me, he’s calling out the main labels of the underground, or any artist out there claiming the UG, showing that the talent is in the un-heard and the raw talent that you have to search for. Another track that was most enjoyable straight up and down protesting his cockiness and his fixture in this music biz, ‘C.O.E. (Casulaty of Eny)ft. Dood Computer’. Revealing his moment of truth and clarity that what you get is what you see from the second you shake hands with T.

At the end of the album there’s a track called ‘T.O.N.E-Z killed M:I (the dream)’ leading anyone who follows the underground movement to fathom could something possibly be boiling under the belly of one of the true undergrounds beasts? Only time will tell. This album is pretty dope for having come out swinging after his supposed last album, but T.O.N.E-Z, The Bronx Bomber, and Stir Crazy, The Detroit Ninja have answered the cries for some “Heroes” on the underground and now you can check it out!

Reviewer: Whipstick
Overall Rating: 8 / 10
Favorite Tracks: Get High, Puppet Master, C.O.E.
Price: $10.00

Stir Crazy's Review of Heroes (T.O.N.E-z and Stir Crazy)

Intro – This track is exactly as the title says.. just a intro. T.O.N.E-z grabbed up the samples and mixed them together for a devastating and crazy way to start of the Heroes album. I thought it was fresh and it fit with the theme perfectly.

Heroes ( feat Diethlee) – It’s a track about how T.O.N.E-z and I are here to help save the music industry from all the random bull**** you hear everyday on the radio and even in the underground. A lot of people tried to compare this album (or song) to Psychopathic Records super group Soopa Villians, but in all honesty T.O.N.E-z came up with the Heroes album name (album tracks and a lot of the ideas) and had no idea about the group. Does it really ****YOU. We came and brought some crazyness to the mix. Diethlee did some wonderful singing and almost opera like and soulful at the same time.

Got Some MF Nerve – This was one the first tracks we did for the album. It had a more edgy and energetic feel beat wise on my part and T.O.N.E-z came real grimey and still stayed true to his style of underground music. People don’t realize that T.O.N.E-z was going to take a break from recording solo album and that I brought him back to help takeover and prove he was one the and if not the BEST in the wicked underground. This is for people that got mad that he retired and came back… What do you expect, when there’s two greatly talented people talking you know more projects will always be in the works! Don’t get mad, look out for each other. Yall got some mutha****in nerve!!!!!

The Pinical – this track has one my favorite hook out of ever track on the album. Its just raw. I think this song is real short and to the point telling everyone that T.O.N.E-z is back and here to take over. It gives shouts out to ..Mission.. Infect and the homies that rep in the hook. Remember T.O.N.E-z may not be on ....Mission.... infect but he still will always have a lot of love and respect. Shouts out to Lokey and I hope everything goes well with him in the future as if anyone remembers I pretty much was a unafical and announced thired member of Death B4 Dishonor!

4 My Homies – this was the first single of the album and has a more rock/hip hop feel. It’s some ....Detroit.... and ....New York.... underground mixed into one and the beat I did was just experimentation and came out extremely well if you ask me. This is for our homies, this is for the people that stood by us. This is a track that anyone can bump in the ride and relate to in some way or another. I think that people don’t understand some the real ass lines in here.. I guess your really have to check it out to understand and get the full fledge feel for the cut. I recommend bumping this over and over to the crew and remembering the good times with your homies.


Take a Look at Me – We did a few different hooks for this and I really liked the outcome of the final (version) track. The last verse is completely nuts and out this world the way T.O.N.E-z flips the scrip with his flow as I did with the beat. Its switch ups like this in beats that most people don’t do and it adds so much to tracks. Producers need to think outside the box and try new things to get a new sound. Stop doing what’s in and mark your own legacy. I’m trying to step my game up at this point of the album and this was one the later tracks we did for Heroes and truly flipped my wig back and ripped my brain out my nugget.

Crack your Knuckles (Skit) – Just pure comedy. Simple as that! Great introduction to the next track I believe. Take a minute to peep this and get a good laugh. Someone asked me the other day who the skit goes out to (and or was about)… ....Ill.... say this and ONLY this….. If you think it’s about you, then it probably is. Keep up with the internet bull**** as its nothing to me. I truly love it and the negativity coming from some people only helps motivate and keep me hustling to make great products like this album.

Haters – I really liked this beat I did I just didn’t know it was going to be used for T.O.N.E-z and my project truthfully. I didn’t want to give it up for this but I did and in the end I’m extremely proud of the track and realness of it. I think the song explains itself but its pretty much flipping it on the haters. We love the haters. Hate all you wish but that’s just helping us. Thanks. (Please send more hatemail to as I can always use more inspiration)

Puppet Master – Take your perfect life and make it a disaster. Kind of based of the Haters track and how we control them (Haters). We have the power to run your lives. It seems that anyone that tries to step up, get slapped up and cant hate after hearing the fantastic tracks brought to your ear holes by T.O.N.E-z and myself. Everyone knows having one the best producers and best rappers working on full albums together can only be complete freshness. There is not a whole slew of horror on this album, but the words spit on the cut are extremely furious setting a new foundation to horrorcore or wicked music alike. T.O.N.E-z is the new Jason Vorhees in this *****. You don’t have to sound wicked to be wicked. Real wicked **** is the tracks that mess with your mind and soul. ****ing fake ass myspace rappers will never understand real evil is not made its born and consumes you life.

This is Ridiculous (skit) – Pretty much wack ass tracks you hear everyday on the radio are getting old, and people are starting to notice. Pop in our cd (Heroes) and you will have some real and rugged, explosive music!

Spit The Truth- this track we did way before the idea of Heroes, but it fit the album so much. We had ideas of adding a guest but decided against it. It just says truths about a lot of things fans and artists misunderstand about music and T.O.N.E-z himself. It’s a short but to the point track. People ask me all the time at the end what does the girl say…
MURDER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Now ya know.

Game (skit) - Shows T.O.N.E-z great story telling talents and all around funny skit leading to the next track….. DUN DUN DUNNNNNNNNNNNN

Letting it Go (feat Badluck) –Take time to peep the reverses messages.. This tracks verse by T.O.N.E-z was originally used on a Thirty three Threes (333) track (a remix to one theres) but I remixed it because it didn’t get enough promo. I always enjoyed it so we sat on it till we found the right person to jump on and slaughter it. I think this was the fastest collab tracks ever. Badluck came threw faster then a speeding bullet. It fit his style so much. The hook is absolutely one my favorites from him and I was glad to have him part of the now legendary Heroes album.

~~~ Be on the lookout as him and I shall be doing a lot more tracks together. I like the death metal style and doing new things. Always expect the unexpected~~

COE (Casualties of Envy) – This track was going to have a few different guest at one point. Some didn’t come threw in time so I got at the Homie Dood Computer and he devoured the track harder then anyone else ever could. Simple as that! If you don’t feel his verse is sick you’re out your mutha****in mind. I still hate this hook but its all good besides the verses make up for it. The track had a few different change ups but in the end this was the final product. Notice the drum change ups etc for Dood Computers verse? This is a classic track and shall be remembered by myself as straight powerful! It hit you like a unseen car wreck and smacks ya dome piece unexpectedly! My mixing on this track is terrible but what can you do. Maybe ill blame the volume levels on T.O.N.E-z and his mastering… ****ER!! haha

Dood Computer and Stir Crazy Present


back to T.O.N.E-z and my album……

Bullets and Broccoli (skit) – T.O.N.E-z always find a way to make people laugh with his skits. This leads to the next track.. the almightily blunt hitting, bong token, weed track. Sure to be bumped by the stoners all over the world.

Get High – it may have a generic name but the track itself is like almost no other track on the album with T.O.N.E-z doing a Jamaican voice and super different flow then most tracks he does. The bass on this track will **** some **** up. Crank it up in the system and light up .. time to get high…. And shake the world like a vicious thunderstorm. T.O.N.E-z is a unique inspiration.

The Minds Eye - A softer track but here again with a different flow from T.O.N.E-z and vox effect other then anything else on the Heroes album. It almost has a old school ICP vibe with effects on the voice. Its kind of creepy ina way. The Native American clip at the end is real to me as im half Native myself. Hmmm guess you learn something new everyday beside the fact im a straight lunatic. MuahahHAHHAHAhahahahHAHHAHA

T.O.N.E-z Killed MI (the Dream) – OH MY GOD THE INFAMOUS ....MISSION.... INFECT ~~~DISS TRACK~~~

Keep it Hood (feat Potluck and T-Trash) – T-Trash ahs been a friend/acquaintance of mine for a long time now and it was only right for him to be on the album. He also hooked up the Potluck verses so much love to him. I really like the end of this beat and how rugged it gets. I think that the beat fits the flows very well and that in the end this track was a perfect ending track for the album. This was the grand finally. Not extreme or hard but real ass **** from real dudes in this game.

Outro – hmmmmm

Be on the lookout and keep your eyes to the net and ears to the street for massive promo and street teamers bringing you cool and fun stuff. Time to takeover the game one fan at a time. I might just be a producer but I promote and push my products like any other artist. I bust my ass for the fans and hope they can appreciate the time I take for them! Lets be realistic… the game is not ready for a producer like me. I have to sneak my ass in and surprise them with ninja like tactics. Im here to stay so don’t get it Twiztid…. nothing can get in the way.



'In the underground city, full of rap games best and it's lames, the city is once again in turmoil! the signal has illuminated the sky, except instead of the underground police sending the call, it's none other than the combination of The ..Bronx.. Bomber (T.O.N.E-z)and The ....Detroit.... Ninja (Stir Crazy)!

Calling upon the newest and rawest powers surfacing in this world of lyrical acrobatics and demented dynamics. Be on the look-out for HEROES 2!

Coming to an iPod near you"

Heroes 2 (T.O.N.E-z and Stir Crazy) and Dismembered in December (Ikkurruz and Stir Crazy) Coming soon!!!!

Thanks for taking time to read this. Nothing but love and appreciation on my end!

-Stir Crazy


Get ready to have your face straight up smashed in with a sledge hammer.
The time has come for some real wicked ****, some crazy off the wall serial killing mass murdering, slaughter the neighborhood kids while they are trick or treating type ****.

As the listener I shall warn you ahead of time, this album is sick, disgusting, creepy and completely disturbing in all aspects.
Prepare to have your brain and eardrums mutilated by the infection of this horrorcore murder maniac music.

Get yourself a dose of Ikkurruz and Stir Crazy, and get that fix for the special holiday season that you most desperately need.

This is the Detroit brutal crazyness. The grab Santa by the neck and choke his fat ass type album. People be ready to hear some wickedness that will jump out your speaker and slap you in your ugly grill.

This holiday (Halloween and Christmas) album will be one to remember and be passed around threw out your lifetime. Keep up with the updates and check back for more freshness.

Dismembered in December the E.P. by Ikkurruz and Stir Crazy