STOP RELEASING ALBUMS - Music Marketing 2020 Guide


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Hey guys!

I am hoping to bring yall some value and knowledge today haha

My name is Aaron Stevens, I am a content creator and founder of a sample pack company (I won't get into that here)

I released a video today on a topic that I think would be great for any artist wishing to market their music in 2020. Engagement for this video is over 1000% higher than my usual uploads.

You can watch that video here - (It's sitting at 26k views and I usually get around 500)

Some Topics Include:

- Why releasing an album is actually a terrible idea before you "blow up"

- How to turn an 8 track album into a full YEAR of regular content releases

- And, how to give your self the best shot at getting onto Spotify playlists/youtube recommended listings.

Please let me know what you think.


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