Stop (following) that stupid IG trend


I've seen some really dumb posts in IG about mixing & mastering and producing overall.

These posts and charts show ect where to pan cymbals, what mixing levels should be, how to EQ instuments etc. etc.

I never minded them, but they seem to be very popular among people starting out in production or diving into mixing&mastering.
Ive also heard some music trends from that, beats sound same, are mixed the same ( and most of the times it sounds bad )

There are some tips and tricks to follow while mixing, but leveling your snare -3dB on all your tracks aint it. Every song should be mixed by its own.


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I stopped doing that kind of content... I don't really like producing educational content. IMO is kind of a waste of time. I'm still open to educating people, though. Just not using "educational" content as a gateway to sell my stuff.

This marketing tactic, IMO, is going bust.