Starting Out Sampling


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Yo Sup, im new to the forums as you can c and well i got Fl 5, Acid Pro 5.0, SoundForge 7.0 and well i really been reading about how you guys sample. I dont own scatching turntables but i have a old skool one and some speakers. Im just wondering what are some good turn tables for me to playback and sample from and what else do i need. I have SOME vinyl so any tips. Thanks in advance!


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humm... Ill have to try them then. But how do i transfer the samples or cuts i want to my comp? Is there another device i need. I have a soundcard with a line in input i think or output. whatever but how do i get it to my computer in a digital sound. Not with the crackling?


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next time use the search function this question comes up weekly. either way plug ur table into a phono amp and then from ur amp into ur soundcard press play on ur table and record on ur computer and it will record it


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since you have sound forge record into that program. Its a wave editing program you can chop your sample edit, eq, etc I use it all the time when i sample.


you wouldn't want to do scratching on an old belt driven TT though or you'll eventually ruin it.

that's what direct (or quarz) driven tt's are for ;)