Speed on the Beat (Everyday a New Beat)

Hello everyone, I'm SpeedWeed808, in more than a month i started a channel to post my beats, im posting a new beat everyday, so from today i will be sharing here with you, i ask everyone to subscribe to my channel to hear a new beat every day, i look for business and colabs, so hit me here or in instragram (@speedweed808) to we get connected, Below I'll leave a beat I hope everyone's feedback and every day I'll post the new beat here, thank you all!

remember that I do all procces on my songs, the creativy part and the thecnical part (mix & master), love some feedbacks, and if somebody need some of this services hit me in the inbox here or instagram @speedweed808 i will help you!
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lezgoooo, I'll leave this one for you, now I'm going to sleep because I don't sleep for two nights, tomorrow there's more, stay tuned!!

Subscribe to my chanel!
Hy Guys, I left here for a while because of work but I'm going to update the last beats that form for the channel, I hope you like it!