Specific Laptop For Production Questions


I am a songwriter who recently got passionate about home production and engineering- I always thought I should just make demos, but embracing making a true quality product has changed my life.

I have a powerful desktop from my work in video, but am planning to buy a laptop specifically for music production.

As I am often singing improvisationally over projects in process that have a lot going on, minimizing latency and maximizing what the CPU can handle are very important to me. It's best to just imagine a computer that can do anything- As I play a lot of bass and guitar, and also like to make complex rhythm tracks by sequencing in ableton.

For an audio interface I will be using the RME Babyface Pro.
PC Only please.
Ableton, Studio One (Running Melodyne), and Cubase.
External will be a RAID0 ATOM 1TB, and a big 8TB myBook HDD.
Windows 10 on the desktop,

I am not looking to do this budget, but not get crazy (self-financed) so smart decisions to save money on inessentials and get the best components is the goal.

If there's a stock 'go-to' production laptop, I'd love to hear about it. But so far I have found two companies that put together custom audio laptops- Proaudiostar and _______. Does anyone have any experience with these companies? I am not looking to build a computer from the ground up but can do basic installation so can install a hard drive or modify a kit in other ways. I'd prefer it be done in a single package and no risk, but if I save a ton of money and get the same product I can do what it takes or learn. Has anyone heard of PCAudioLabs or Slick Audio?


Overall, what are the absolute necessities?

I'm a big believer in more RAM where possible, so will be shooting for 16GB even though I know 8 is usually ok.

Is there a specific CPU that really shines with these issues, like a brand or a speed at which you stop seeing problems in regular use? I heard that bringing up core amounts is confusing and debated, but if there's a clear answer...

Seems to me an internal SSD would be an obvious preference though it may not be essential.

Finally, what are the elements people often forget about? My desktop is loud and surrounded by loud shit, so I will certainly want this to be what I record sensitive quiet parts with, so will want it quiet too. Is that determined mainly by case and fan? Are there other factors to worry about?

I will say that I also believe strongly in overdoing it to have a machine that lasts me a very long while. I kept a macbook pro alive since 2008, and this one will probably be used for many other purposes, so all purpose value is important. As I have no laptop now, I'm open to going into the 2000s range, but not interested in 'price doesn't matter' mentality, I like to spend money wisely but invest in quality components.

I know this is a long post but thank you for your time, any advice at all, especially a specific machine, or if you support someone else's post, would be very appreciated!


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Price shouldn't matter much, those things last practically 20 years.
I'd said when building a machine, 600-1500$ is ideal.
Laptops for one purpose can go as low as 200$.
Another smart idea would be building a small Home theater machine for 200$, & another (specialized production rig) for 400$ MINIMUM.
or just building an all in one center for 800$.
I figured out a better way to say what I need-

How can I get a new PC laptop with the most powerful processor currently available and two internal drive bays?