SoundsDivine releases 'Clouds' - Unfiltered Audio Lion


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We've just released some new sounds...

‘Fantastic Flaws – Vol.1 Clouds‘ is the 1st in a series of 6 soundsets for Unfiltered Audio Lion.

This soundset features 120 presets and focuses on dreamy, pitch-shifted, granular and glitchy/stutter sounds.

The Fantastic Flaws series is inspired a video by Knobs called 'Fantastic Flaws & where to find them'.

Each sound is inspired by a different guitar pedal, many of them found on Knob’s channel. The sounds make extensive use of Lion’s modular architecture. They’re unique, expressive, immersive and pretty unusual.

Price - €25 (ex.vat)

Available in the Summer Sale for €20 until 7th August