Sounds or Splice ?


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Hey everyone,
I'm new here and I wanted to dive in and ask everyone their opinions!

Have you guys used Splice or Native Instruments Sounds yet?

If so which one do you like best and why?

I'm leaning a little more towards Sounds just because I find it very easy to use. Although I wish they would clean a few things up like how they present their charts. But overall I think it's much more simpler than Splice.

I'm a web designer as well as (hobby) beat maker. So I usually judge sites more on how their presented. I feel splice may be a little overwhelming. I feel that they are trying to provide a lot and they're trying to draw you in to a bunch of different things at once. When sounds on the other hand focuses just on the samples. I also like how even when you're not register you can still stream samples. Splice you have to register just to see what they offer !

Let me know what you guys think about the sites! And which ones do you think provide the best value ?


I personally use Splice. I haven't had experience with the others. I feel it's good to spark creativity, but if you use it too much you start to lose originality. That's what I'm suffering from. It's a good thing to get started though at least to build your own sound.


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Id be interested in what more people say on this as splice looks interesting in terms of networking and learning from others etc


I have something even better... GO to loop and download the Loopcloud for free... Once you do it Loopmasters gives you free loop packages every month for free and also 500 free credits... Link the Loopcloud with your DAW and trust me you'll us it in every session. The samples automatically link with your DAW's tempo and you can halftime the samples and it also uses whatever samples you have saved on your HD...


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RE: Sounds or Splice?

Through the years I've built up quite a library of samples and various packs / construction kits, so I rarely need more sounds, but when I do, Splice is the best option IMHO.
Also, when you have a library in place, the most important tool is the one you use to categorize, add metadata and search the collection.

Here I find that Loopmaster's LoopCloud application is really good as a free alternative to more advanced and expensive apps like Algonaut Atlas and similar applications.
LoopCloud, in addition to having the Loopmasters store built-in, from version 3.0, you now have the ability to add your own folders containing samples in many formats, including Rex files, waw, Apple Loops etc, and also various Synth presets.
It analyses all files in your library and detects root key, tempo, and other useful information.


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Splice has such a huge library. Pretty affordable too since you can select individual and preview them. Great site, I don't have an account anymore but I thought it was worth the money when I did
I use Splice. Haven't tried any other subscription services. Only downside I've found is if you're looking for something a little more unusual like something for a specific niche, it can be slow to find in the search function. The library is huge and more popular libraries and sounds tend to dominate the zearch results. Its good overall though when you need royalty free sounds.


I usually use either my Splice or my Noiiz subscription.
Noiiz works the same as Splice, but the huge difference is that Noiiz has a plugin for your DAW to work with.
So instead of putting the samples in from your download folder, you can drag and drop them within the project itself.
Noiiz feels like its more inside of your workflow than Splice. But Splice has considerable more samples to choose from.

Never used LoopCloud, but will look into it! Thanks for mentioning it guys! A producer can never have enough samples :D
I used the trial for but wasn't really impressed by the interface and how things are downloaded, it feels a bit wonky. It is nice that once the sounds are downloaded it shows up in my MK3.

Splice is easier for me to use, however I don't like when you download sounds that splice puts each one in it's own separate folder. I'm sure there's a work around for this though.

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I personally use ADSR to organize my samples, looppacks and even sound FX since I do video production as well and it's FREE!! Tries to autotag sounds based on the filenames and of course u can add or change the current tags...

From what I hear it's similar to Loopcloud but you don't have to sign up for anything, just install and go...

ADSR Sample Manager - ADSR - Software - ADSR
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I just found out about splice a week or two ago. I create everything from scratch. When I get the funds im going to check splice out.