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I'm facing an issue, it's that when I create a sub bass sound, it's hard to hear it. I don't know how to explain this, but in most songs, the sub bass is very smooth (like a sine), and not too loud, but still really present and hearable.
Everytime I try to do a sub bass (like in Future Bass or Trap), with a sine, it's juste barely hearable, and if I increase it's volume, it sounds muddy and overtakes other sounds. If I use other wave forms like saw or square, it sounds too harsh.I think it's about harmonics and having, but I don't know how to add some. I tried duplicating the bass line to the upper octave, but I it was too loud again, and didn't sound that much like a bass (it sounded too high).

Do you have some advice?


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What is your setup and room like? We need a little more info to help you out.

Well, my setup is really cheap. I produce in my room, which has nothing like acoustic foam. I try to use both of my closed-back (Beats mixr) headphones and my speakers, but they are not studio tools so I think they don't have a flat frequency response (and they already boost bass a little).
For the DAW, I'm using FL Studio.


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export your sound to soundcloud and send a link, you can even make it private. I can't help if I can't hear it


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When this happens, it's usually b/c the sub you are using is missing mid range frequencies and without some type of information in the mids your bass will not sound present. The fix is to combine it with a more resonant bass that has the frequencies you are missing. Sometimes even combining your sub with the same sound at a higher octave might help (but not always).
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