Sound Design Discord


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I searched through this sub-forum and couldn't find any references to any real-time sound design chat venues.

The sound design sub-forums I did find (on FP and other communities) consist of 3 things: 'how do I recreate this sound', 'buy my new sound set', and sometimes 'here's some beginners' resources'. Nothing in depth, though.
I recon this is partly because the format doesn't lend itself to getting people to loosen up enough to talk freely about properties of sound.

After more than two years looking for a place off and on I ended up laying the groundwork for a sound design community on Discord myself with the support of a number of people from a couple other communities.
The place is advertising-free, does have a corner for 'that sound' requests, has resources for sound design beginners, and covers deep dives for a number of soft- and hardware synths.

If anyone else has been looking for this format, please let me know and I'll provide you with a discord invite.