Souly - Chill R&B / Soul Type


The Redskin James Dean
So here's a secret that you may not know- you can tell a producers experience level by what their drums do/sound like...

The stereo kick works for an intro, but should thin to mono once the track starts moving. The rim hit is too loud and too dry- tuck it back a little and give it a slight, quick delay or some reverb so it has a space to live in. You should also give the hi hat some variation- even if it's only every 8 bars, it will help the groove. Also, adjust the velocity of your snare on the off beats (Leave at max on the 2's and 4's), it will help with the groove as well.

The guitars sound great and full - very solid

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Nice, keeps me listening.
I do agree on the drum comment.
Fill it up some,

Check my drums to get some ideas ��

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