Songs Sound Empty

Hi again, Ace here. Another problem ive had is my songs sound empty. Ill have everything done but when i show my wife or hear it myself it just seems like its missing something or theres not a lot. I already layer the lead and bass but still empty. What tips can I use to make it fuller?


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I used to have this problem I lot. The worst thing is when you hear songs with barely any instrumentation and they still sound more full than your own.
I think the trick is to really make sure you don't squash the dynamics too much with compressors, you really fill the spectrum of sound from left to right by panning, as well as adding quieter instrumentation here and there i.e. the sounds that are in the mix but you don't necessarily hear clearly - they're more there to compensate the overall sound.

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You should have a reference track on hand every time you are doing the mixdown or just producing the beat from scratch

A lot of it comes down to having the correct bass, mid and treble levels all combined into one full sounding soundscape

It's definitely tough, but takes time for your ear to develop and be able to hear what needs to be done

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