something better than Fruity Loops?


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"Reason has a different approach to FL" is probably a less politically-charged way to put it :)

Reason provides you with a virtual 'rack' and 'devices', which you hook up much as you would if they were real pieces of hardware. This can be a bit of a barrier if you've never worked with hardware before; it took me a while before I started to realise that this approach actually gave me an almost endless amount of options rather than being just another gimmicky interface.

Reason comes with a drum machine , a 12:4 mixer, a loop player, two samplers and two synths, as well as a bunch of smaller effects units. Reason 2.5 introduced a vocoder, an advanced reverb unit, an amazing distortion effects unit and whole other order of connectable complexity.

Reason is ideal for working with loops, although you'll really need ReCycle to take advantage of it, as it will cut up audio files into the REX2 format Reason uses for loops. Both the loop player (DrRex) and the advanced sampler (NNXT) can handle REX2 files, so you can use one to drive the main beat and the other to add variations. The Screamer distortion unit is great for effecting drum loops as well.

Try out the demo if you can, as Reason does work differently from other softsynths/studios.


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FL is just a tool as is any other software or hardware music production device.

So many people say X is the Best or Y is the best. And so many people ask which is the best X or Y or Z..

The truth isyou need to find out which is best for you. Think about how you like to work what sounds you like to use. Do you want to use plug-ins? etc etc.

My preference at this time is FL and I'll explain some pros and cons that I've found using it:

FL is a very different kind of sequencer. It is very powerful in that it does almost anything you want but not always in the easiest way (until you get used to it). Not many modern sequencers are natively step-sequencer driven. I happen to like the step sequencer though.

It can control (or be controlled) by MIDI devices such as an MPC/Triton/etc.

It comes with a bunch of samples, effects and sound modules that can sound very good when used together. For example the 3xosc can so some great sounds IF you run it through the filter/reverb effect.

one problem is that many of the effects and sound modules don't have a really cool interface, they are just a bunch of knobs usually. This makes them daunting to use at first.

You can run VST/DX (effects) and VSTi/DXi (Instruments) plug-ins making your sound choices virtually unlimited. I don't think reason does this.

Another problem with FL is that the fine control over many knobs and sliders is that they don't scale well on larger desktop resolutions. I run at 1280x1024 and sometimes I can barely see the knobs I'm tweaking. Plus I like to see VU/Peak meters with values and FL doesn't do this :(

A very big plus is that FL Studio comes with a soundfont player. I've collected about 6 gigs of FREE soundfonts over the years. I've also bought a few really high quality ones.

FL can do all kinds of cool things that I havent heard about before such as chopping sequences and applying patterns/scales to them. It can build chords for you. It has an ability to take a chord ans apply a strum timing to it so you can make more realistic guitar parts.

FL has a built in vocoder, speech engine and scratcher/turntable or wave traveller that are fun to play with.

FL is pretty inexpensive. I think the 'Producer' version is around $150 and there are more basic version starting at around $50 (I think) plus you get free updates FOR LIFE.

Access to gigs of free samples at sample fusion.

They also have a pretty good community on the site for registered users. Very helpful and sharing types of people there.

OK.. theres more but I'll leave it therre for now. :)

Bottom line is try a few different ones and use the one that best fits you and lets you express yourself.


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yeh sum good points there ^

everyone has there own pros and cons of FL and everyother sequencer but dammit

to answer ur question: every program is as good or as bad as each other. y not TRY every sequencer out there then YOU can decide what is betta dan fl


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I personally like reason better, I havent used FL for a while so I cant do such an extensive comparrison, alls I can say is it took me about a year to get where I needed to be in control over reason and it was worth it, and still I am far from proficient. When I went from FL to Reason I just never went back is all, I was overtaken by all the rad new complications. Its integration with rebirth is amazing and recycle is an amazing program.

Did someone say a vocoder is in the 2.5 version, I cant beleive it,

Anyway alls you need to know it that Its up to the user, every musician has a different music style so It would be apparent to be the same for the meathods of music making. You simply need to know your options.


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Fruityloops is at it's best as a Sequencer for Outboard midi gear or VST / DX / VSTI / DXi predominant music. (the plug 'n' play sequencer) Which means it leans toward those who go "sound hunting". Meaning those who always look for the next hot plug in or sound font or sound module. If it's VST, or DX then regardless of what it does FL will find a use for it.

Fruityloops should not be compared to other sequencers the way most do it As with Reason. Reason is a completely different type of sequencer. Obviously, for the Reason users, Reason won't be described as "Plug 'n' Play". Reason is more of a "Bargain in a Box". Meaning you can make hot music just from what comes with it. However, lack of Dx and Vst support (if that what you do) drastically holds it down. As far as enclosed enviroments go, Reason is king. However, for the plugin and outboard people (like myself) Fruityloops is the way to go.

For soley sequencers, ( as in zero to no audio recordng ) Fruityloops is by far the best of the Plub and Play programs. In this ring, there's nothing you'd need it to do that it can't.

If anyone has any questions about FL Studio Producer Edition then ask me. I'd consider myself an advanced user and I can give an unbiased Q&A on it. So if you need to know, Ask Mista


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Folkers, I am an MPC dude, but I mess with software to, honestly, I like the sequencing of FL better than Reason and Cubase. It doesnt seem to "fall off" like Reason does after a couple of bars.


I sequence with Cubase SX, FL, and a Fantom about equal.:) They all sequence, just differently. I find FL more pleasant for loops, but for complete tracks Cubase SX takes the cake. The Fantom, does the job.:D


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Agreed It depends on the user's
I use Protools and reason and sometimes i use fl studio on my mini laptop eee pc i thinks it's a good tool.

If u like Fl studio try the 8 amazing and sound quality i think theres is a new soundengine inside ....

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black_stone said:
Agreed It depends on the user's
I use Protools and reason and sometimes i use fl studio on my mini laptop eee pc i thinks it's a good tool.

If u like Fl studio try the 8 amazing and sound quality i think theres is a new soundengine inside ....
I doubt theres a new sound engine, it doesn't sound any different than 7..