Some updates on my audio-visual pattern library :)


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Easy all,

These past 2-months I've been working on [_new world], an object-driven library built in Javascript. It uses real-time MIDI data to display audio-reactive visuals in the browser. This week, I developed some new modules for the library, and wanted to share the progress.

Some notes regarding Ableton to Javascript performance:

The performance has surprised me really. As long as memory is being properly allocated between the JS modules, the browser (specifically the V8 engine) is quite a beast. The most used technologies I'm working with are Three.js, P5.js, and a lot of standard HTML/CSS, which each have their own internal handlings for performance. The biggest task on my side for this has been making sure that modules are only imported dynamically via Webpack as-and-when they are available in my composer. For the next month or so, I plan on moving away from handling the composer via JSON, moving to a bespoke-built user dashboard which artists will be able to utilise. The end goal is to allow people to create their own Javascript modules, and then manage a 'live set' environment directly from the interface that I will be building.

Latest demo/insta:
Latest demo/yt:

Lemme know if you've any questions!


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