Some Novice Music Biz Questions (Forgive Me)


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I've been reading alot on copyrights, publishing and licensing, and "whoa" :bigeyes: it's alot of stuff and i'm still not all that clear on it. But the stuff that Dvyce posted was super helpful, Kudus to that guy. But I still have some questions:

1. When are songs supposed to be submitted to ASCAP?

2. Can just beats be submitted & if so will it be problematic to license it to an artist?

3. I know as a song writer you can't join more than 1 PRO (ASCAP, BMI etc). But as a publisher does the same rule apply?


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1. when you are anticipating publishing from a song

2. complete songs, not works in progress.

3. only one pro per publisher.

hoodstar beats

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im just starting wit production, I made da switch from artist to producer, but what do i need in my set up, what do i need to invest in first, what is the best equipment, from software to workstations?