So this is my first Post, Im really exited to share!


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i like the beat mate, i like the synths in, and that little FX you got, the drum sounds a little bit too out there to me, like loudest thing, but im on a laptop, so dunno if i can really talk about the mixing, like the bit where it goes into the solo instrument, and then the build up back into the full beat, im feeling it mate,

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Try and avoid Presets ;)

how do you mean? i tweaked everything. presets are good starting point right?

does it sound too comercial?

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Love the ambient synths and the small detail you put into them, kicks are heavy, loving it :)

your gonna be ok man you got the idea. its hard to swith daws. good stuff though

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I would say get a vip page man.

what about the beat is it vip worthy?
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