Snaked By A Producer


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I wanted to buy unlimited licenses for two beats from a producer. One was on beatstars and the other was not due to the producer not having the stems. The beats were buy one get one free. We discussed that once I bought the one on beatstars he would send me the second beat for free. Of course now he's been dodging my emails and acts like he forgets our discussion though it is all documented in email traffic. He has yet to send me the .wav file I asked for and this is going on two weeks. From a legal standpoint, can I move forward with the beat with unlimited license use? We don't have a contract, but it is documented saying he would send me the beat.


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First off, *not* an attorney.

Secondly, in my non-attorney opinion, it is possibly not a problem, and/or possibly! Very sketchy, unfortunately. The rap end of publishing/the music biz works at odds with every other convention of every other aspect. No other genre or area of the business “leases” tracks (other than syndication of advertising jingles or video licensing; which is all very established and contracts are thorough). And you have done this without an official agreement; basically a digital handshake. But you do have the e-mail(s). So I guess choose what you think is best and proceed with caution...

Sorry about the scummery. Every business has its unscrupulous weasels.