Small waveform but good volume


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Hi I Started home recording recently and Theres something that its confusing me.

My set up is mic tlm 102 + interface Scarlett 2i2 + pro tools

The recorded waveforms on my daw show really small , cant even see the shape its just like a really small uniform mass , but I hear at a good output volume everything seems fine. I zoom in on the vocals and cant see the shape, even zoomed in, the only way I can see it is when I raise the gain knob on my interface to the maximum AND raise the gain in my dawn.

If I dont Turn the knob like this the waveform doesnt even show in the track but I hear myself fine when recording in real time.

If not for the need to silencie some parts and Change some word volumes this wouldnt brother me but it seems that something is wrong? Sorry Im really new in this and English not 1st language.


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How far up do you have your master volume on your interface? Perhaps you have a low gain level on your mic but a high master volume level. If that's not the problem then try updating your interface driver.