Should I learn to scratch or beatmatch first? A beginner's conundrum on where to star


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Hey everybody! Brand spankin new to this subreddit and DJing in general. Most interested in soul, funk, and hip hop. A couple questions (I've done a ton of internet reading, so it was time). I'm most interested in vinyl, and would like to learn how to beatmatch, etc. and also how to scratch. But I don't currently have any turntables, just been futzing with Mixx a bit, and am itching to get my hands on some sort of hardware. Do I get a Numark PT01 scratch and just start learning to do that while I search for a good used (Technic 1200) turntable? Do I just forgo the portable and wait to find said turntable, and not waste my money on the portable? (I can only afford one actual turntable at the moment, so I figure I'd have to learn to scratch on one to start). Does anyone recommend a different/next best brand of turntable that might be easier/cheaper to find for a beginner? Where do I start if I'm not really interested in working with a controller and don't want to invest 1000 bucks on a new hobby just yet?


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Beat-matching. No question. Which is hard to do with one (or none) turntable. But if you can beg or borrow a rig, practice on an iPad (not optimal), or anything else, that would at least get your brain working in that direction.

As far as the Numark portables, they're pretty decent. I don't have the "scratch," but I have the original PT-01, and for what it is, it's great.

It's really up to you and your budget. But as far as essential skills, beat-match first.

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