Serum VST tutorial series for Bass sounds + FREE Serum Patches


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Serum VST Tutorials
If you want a complete introduction how to use the amazing and versatile VST Serum, plus lots of step by step tutorials to create a range of different bass sounds... please check out this series on Serum sound design for Bass. There are also free Serum patches to accompany the tutorials!

The video below is the first in the series and an introduction into using Serum; oscillators, filters, envelopes, modulation, effects etc. There are also 4 additional videos with step by step instructions how to create over 20 unique timbres. Use these sounds as the starting point to continue your own sound design and add personal style and flare.

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Other videos in the series...

Serum Sound Design Bass 1
Bass Acid
Bass Acid 2
Bass Fall
Bass Growl
Bass Motion

Serum Sound Design Bass 2
Bass Motion Shape
Bass Phat
Bass Portamento
Bass Rave
Bass Resonance
Bass Rise

Serum Sound Design Bass 3
Bass Scratch
Bass Square
Bass Stab
Bass Sub
Bass Swell

Serum Sound Design Bass 4

Bass Swell Gate
Bass Talk
Bass Warble
Bass Warble Port
Bass Wowo

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