[SELLING or TRADING] Ttm-56 (brand New)!


Resident Beatsmith
Selling or trading my Rane TTM-56, bought it new about 4-5 months ago and only used it 5 or 6 times. At the time I bought it, I was DJ'ing a lot, and I was still using my Pioneer 707 until I got used to the Rane, but about 3 weeks after buying it, I got a new job and now I really don't DJ anymore? I still do turntable stuff in my studio and in my beatmaking/production, but the 707 will suite my needs for that so I am selling or trading the TTM-56.

I have all the manuals, the original box, cables and all other included accessories. Let me know of interesting possible trades? It is scratch free and in perfect and I mean perfect condition! PM me and I will get back to you! Make an offer, but I would prefer a trade that would both parties out?




Resident Beatsmith
overdose2this said:
how much fam? let me know. my boy might wanna buy this ****. get back at me . peace god

What's Up, I am looking at getting rid of this TTM-56, I just bought it and then realized I would not really be using it as planned so I need to sell, it is brand new! All manuals, box, everything it came with, I still have.

Will possibly trade it or sell for $500