[SELLING] New OEM Compact Flash Toshiba and Sandisk Lowest Prices on the Internet!!!


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Compatible with MPC 500, MPC 1000, MPC 2000XL, MPC 3000 MPC 4000, Roland Fantom, Alesis Fusion, Roland SP line and many more.

1 GB- $15 (17 left going fast) (5 for $65)
512 MB- $9 (4 left going fast)
256 MB- $7 (5 for $30)
128 MB- $5 (5 for $20)
64 MB- $3.50 (5 for $15)
32 MB- $2.00 (6 for $10)

Free shipping on all orders over $100 (Cont. US Only)
Get them while the last. I accept paypal (you are responsible for the fees) . My username on ebay is Hanauboy. Have great feedback and have sold thousand of Compact Flash there. Contact me via PM if you are interested. I will make deals on large orders. Thanks

Get all of the memory that you will ever need while the prices are rock bottom!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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There is nothing shady about it. I simply was fourth right with the fact that I will be charging the paypal fee back to you. That way to can see what I am charging you for. I could be shady and mark up the price more that the paypal fee and try and take advantage of people as alot of people do on the net, but I am a honest guy trying to sell people something they can use for a fair price. What you are concerned about adds up to 3 cents on a dollar (lol). It is really nothing to worry yourself about. For those who can't add here is an example:
Say you spend $30 with me. I will add 90 cents to your total. If I do as FullSpectrum suggests and add a buck or two each card I will be charging you $60 for a $30 order. Which would you prefer??? Even if FullSpetrum was implying that I add $2 to the total I would still be charging you twice the cost. Any questions.
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