Seeking feedback on my home recorded album

Andy Snadden

New member
Hi guys, I just released my home recorded album and would love some feedback on both the songs and the mix. It's acoustic pop music, influenced by Bob Dylan, Joni Mitchell, Paul Simon, James Taylor, The Beatles and Fleetwood Mac. I did it at home with an Audio Technica 3035 into an entry level Steinberg interface and into Logic Pro. All processing was Logic native. I programmed the drums and bass, strings, keys, and played all the guitars. The acoustic leads were done by putting electric guitar strings on an acoustic guitar ( my little invention as far as I know ) which created a nice bendy by acousticy resonant sound. Im very interested in any and all feedback. I would also LOVE to hear any ideas on how to promote music online because this release has been a big dissappointment in terms of its reach. I feel its a good album that deserves better. Let me know your thoughts. Cheers


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