Scratching LIVE vocals.


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This thread could have gone in a number of different forums but Ive stuck it here:

I was basically thinking about something someone said about DJs in bands and whether its easier for a DJ to do a sort of "check check" on vinyl or for the vocalist to do it live, and this got me thinking: Could a DJ scratch live vocals?

My thinking on this is that with Final Scratch you can manipulate a sound file on your computer by moving the time coded (or what ever) vinyl on your decks. So if you had the signal from the microphone being recorded into a computer, would there be a way to scratch what the person has just said a couple of seconds after they said it?

A way around this would be to get a vinyl with the accapella of the song on, but this couldnt do for adlibs etc.
well i know final scratch does let you scratch a cd that you are playing in side of your pc--- but in order for this to work it has to have a big buffer on it--- so i think it would be kinda difficult to scratch something totally live like that---but maybe when tecnology gets a little better it would work---or i could be totally wrong ,and i am shure someone will tell me if I am......
some samplers have a scrub function which will do sound manipulation forward and back based on the movements of a ribbon or wheel. but its not the same as scratching....

best to have ur samples pre recorded and scratch them as the vocalist is singing them......
As Final Scratch allows for manipulation of mp3 and .wav files, my thinking was that you could be recording the vocals, then stop recording with a quick click and start scratching the file.
well, it WOULD be possible, but I think it would be more of a hassle than an advantage. the file would have to be rendered, saved, named and playlisted in order for you to be able to scratch it.
yes, but for the sake of the argument, yes it probably would be possible if you took an auxiliary from the desk to your pc and recorded what the vocalist was saying, and saved it

im not sure about almost streaming tho
But listen....
If you scratched live vocals...
and say they said "I like to lick lollipops on automobiles"
say you scratched the word the time you were done scratching the vocalist would be at like automobiles..and the audience would have missed "lollipops on"

Get my point?

Unless this is totally not what your talking about..
Yeah, but if i was doing it I would scratch the "automoblies", as it is the end of the phrase.

the file would have to be rendered, saved, named and playlisted in order for you to be able to scratch it.
At the moment yes, but maybe some software might be developed that doesnt require that and will allow for the file manipulation as soon as it is down?
I think it's very likely that there will be software like this developed in the near future, if it doesn't already exist, but at the same time it's gonna require A LOT of your computer, so that old Celeron 333MHz with 64 megs of RAM won't cut the mustard. More like a P4 3.3GHz with a gig or two of RAM will be required.
surely it wouldnt be too tricky from a programming point of view to have it set so when you press a button, it starts recording, when you press again it stops, renders it, saves to a temp file, and loads it again?
yeah, sure, but it's gonna have to be hella fast, and most likely as some sort of plug-in for Final Scratch and Linux.
heh this thread remided me of a chili's commercial where the dude is ad libbing vocals and making a scratching sound with his voice... thought it sounded pretty kool

but bak on topic, it wouldnt be too difficult to implement from a coding stand point, but i dont think that you will see this in FS as the splicer is way too slow to make this pratical.

Part of the project im working on will include a dynamic splicer which i think would be capable of this, really all you would need is a generic buffer to hold the real-time audio and have the timecoded record set to manipulate whatever is in the buffer

but it would be both memory and cpu intensive to be able to do all this in a real time envoirnment.
Ok I KNOW This is old, but is there STILL not a way to do this? What about simply something that records your voice for immediate loop or scratch/ add effects to. We have this stuff on midi keyboards (without a jog wheel), why not dj controllers? It's simple. Add a microphone connection and add the ability to continuously record on maybe a 1:00 minute loop which you can then attach to the button of your choice cut to your specific parameters and/or scratch. Certainly, there must be a touch screen dj controller with this feature at least? Not even in the 7k$ range?

I don't mean to hijack the thread, but I just saw that this was put out so long ago and it's a feature that would seem extremely useful. It's just kind of shocking no one has done it yet. I even made this account just to post this.