Scratch Live Latency


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i'm using scratch live on my desktop and mixing is impossible using the headphones in one ear and the listening to the speaker with the other. The lag is keeping me from dropping it on time. I've set the buffer in serato but it's still bad. The question I have is will buying a new soundcard fix it, or is it mostly a pc issue?
Processor Intel(R) Core i-5-6600K CPU at 3.5 GHz 3.5 GHz
Installed memory (RAM) 15.9 usable
64 Bit

can't seem to find any info on my onboard soundcard, it has 6 input connections but the green input and blue output are the only ones that work.

Next question is when I want to use my laptop I'll have to get an external soundcard, is there a particular one people use that is decent in price?


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What speakers are you using? If you are using the desk top speakers then that's the issue. If you are using a dj mixer, then you have to connect your speakers directly to an output of your mixer (powered speakers). If you have passive speakers (must be connected to an amplifier) then you must connect the master out of your mixer to the input of your amp. Peace be with you................Rob Mixx