Save up to 60% on T-RackS Grand and T-RackS Deluxe!


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Save up to 60% on T-RackS Grand and T-RackS Deluxe!
[h=4]Announcing the new T-RackS Grand Slam promotion[/h]

With spring around the corner, IK is proud to bring you the T-RackS Grand Slam Promotion. From now until March 31st, step up to the plate to save 50% on T-RackS CS Deluxe, priced at only $99.99/€79.99 (normally $199.99/€159.99). You can also swing for the Grand Slam savings of over 60% Off on T-RackS CS Grand, priced at only $149.99/€119.99 (normally $399.99/€319.99). That’s a great score on your favorite T-RackS gear, so don’t strike out on these savings. Swing for the fences and save on these high-quality mixing and mastering processors today!

T-RackS Grand
is a comprehensive, high-quality mixing and mastering plug-in suite that provides a versatile set of 16 sonic tools for sculpting individual tracks and full mixes. The package includes T-RackS Classic and digital modules, spot-on vintage gear emulations, and our Quad series of mastering-quality multiband processors. T-RackS Grand includes 16 total processors: 10 Dynamics, 3 EQs, Channel Strip, De-Esser, Imager, as well as the powerful T-RackS Metering suite. Don’t miss out on these incredible savings today!

T-RackS CS Deluxe
provides the tools you need to take your mixing to the next level. It features 9 analog-modeled or digital processors and it instantly multiplies your studio’s power, many times over. T-RackS Deluxe includes 9 total processors: 6 Dynamics, 3 EQs, and the T-RackS Metering suite. It can be opened inside the T-RackS plug-in or as an individual plug-in inside your DAW host. Be sure to grab these classic and iconic processors for only half the cost while you can!

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