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I need a sampler to load up my sound library and control
with my dedicated sequencer. Problem is most of my sounds are located on my hard drive (WAVS).

Would the most cost-effective way of doing this be to buy a sampling souncard? Which would you recommend and why?

Thanks in advance.

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I think you should try GIGAstudio. You can create yoru own instruments importing WAVS and assigning them to keygroups, etc..

you can even read AKAI CDROMs (yes, those expensive libraries)

And of course, since it is a software, you only need your computer, and a sequencer like Cubase VST 5 or Cakewalk or Logic to control it.

I've used it for many months until I got a hardware sampler, and I have to say it works really good.

Good luck man

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Sighandnod said:
Does that give me any (dis)advantages over using a

Well, your soundcard will still be needed in order ot get the sound out of your PC. To answer more seriously, no. You don't have much disadvantages. The only thing is that sometimes you get a longer latency time on a software than on a hardware sampler.

Can i use Gigasampler with my Yamaha RM1x?(hardware sequencer)[/QUOTE]

Yes you can. I've heard that the RM1X has a very neat sequencer and can control any external MIDI device. As long as you choose the MIDI IN port on gigastudio as an external controller, you should be able to control 16 channels of instruments of gigastudio.

Good luck man, and have fun