Samplers ROCK!!!!!


dj funkifize

I got my Emu ESI-4000 last week and it is awesome!!!
I love this thing.
So far I have experimented cutting up a vocal sample (my sister saying "well, we are acting awfully strange") and mapping each word to a separate key. So I can play back one word at a time and jumble up the phrase and stuff... well, I still need practice on cutting it up properly (hehe) but I'm still learning.
also, I sampled my entire drumset. I got most of the sounds that it can possibly make and I sequenced a few beats and a little solo jam.. after adding a "humanizer" program (cakewalk CAL program) it sounded so real! you couldn't even tell I was using midi! I plan to sample everything again at different volumes and I think I'm able to make it so it plays different samples at different velocities on different keys... so then it'll sound more real when I add accents and stuff.

I LOVE this thing! I also plan to sample my xylophone next week with all different mallets. Possibly to distribute if it sounds really good and if I get my CDR to work.

YAY! samplers RULE!!!!! :D :victory: :monkey: :D
Yeah. They serve their purpose well. I can't wait to get on with the vocal stuff too.
I've tried splitting a vocal sample of my sister saying, "Well, we are acting pretty strange," into its individual words and mapping each phrase to a different key. daily jumble answer I can play back a word at a time, jumble up the phrase, and do other things like that. I still need to practice properly cutting it up, but I'm still learning.
I sampled my full drum set as well.
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